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An expert behind the shutter.

Russ Pulvermacher is an award-winning photographer with an unmatched attention to detail. Russ happily photographs almost anything, but he specializes in Sports Photography, Wedding Photography, Nature Photography, and Portrait Photography. He primarily operates in the Greater Milwaukee area.

It's like you're still there.

Each shot captured by Russ Pulvermacher perfectly emulates the particular snapshot of time with a clarity and precision that amateurs with “point-and-shoot” cameras simply cannot match.

You won’t find better photography anywhere. Picture perfect - then you’ll be close. Russ’s photographs are as close to being there as ... well, being there!

Russ Pulvermacher

262 – 781 - 0144

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Precision. Intuition. Experience.

Great photographs are the result of several solid fundamentals of photography coming together to achieve a cohesive, expertly-crafted product. This requires a great deal of precision, a healthy dose of intuition, and, oh yeah, experience definitely helps too!

Great photographs rekindle those vibrant emotions, enhance our memories of the moment, and are delivered in stunning quality to boot. Every element must be there for a great photograph to impact us in these ways, and Russ delivers in all areas.

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